Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Employers need language skills

76% of employers were “not satisfied with young peoples language skills” -  a survey by the CBI on Business Priorities for Education and Skills identified.
The major European language most in demand by businesses’ of all sizes and sectors across the UK is French - leading by a huge 61%.
“Languages for Jobs” states “without languages, individuals are disadvantaged in their ability to take up opportunities for training or employment abroad”
Currently hundreds of Primary School Head Teachers from across the UK are commenting on the importance of primary languages in a report for the government led by CILT ( the National Centre for Languages). They include comments such as  “English is not the only lanuage in the world”  to “ Life chances in a global community” . It is hoped the report will encourage the continuation of teaching languages at primary school – many believe it is essentail to start languages as young as possible when children are at their most receptive and before they become self conscious.  
If you need further evidence to support funding for languages in your school / area use links below.