Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Focus on French

Is this the start of a new dawn for language learning?
We would all like to think so.

With 177,288 GCSE entries in 2013 French remains the most popular language taken by students. This is an increase in uptake of 15.5%. This increase in entries is thought to be due to the EBacc performance measure. Would it be totally unrealistic to hope that students , and their families, are finally beginning to see the world of opportunity that can open up to them with the addition of a modern foreign language ?

As ambassadors for the French language we hope the known benefits we extoll are reaching young people and this increased interest in French can be sustained. Cultural awareness and interests, the ever- increasing popularity of city breaks and gap- year travel are all excellent reasons to encourage our protégées to embrace the French language.

The obvious benefit of hugely enlarged employment opportunities for French speaking individuals can be seriously underestimated by students. Not only could they gain employment in one of 33 countries, where French is the official language but, only today, on one website alone, I have seen an additional 482 jobs in London and the UK available to fluent French speakers

Apart from occasionally passing on such facts to our students and constantly seeking new and exciting teaching methods and activities, how else can we motivate their learning?

 Approx. 360 French teachers and 30,000 students from 120 schools each year choose to focus classroom learning by hosting our live French theatre performance in their school.

Building on the quote from the National Curriculum‘ learners who enjoy learning progress ‘ Bon Voyage, http://www.flyingtheatre.com/bon-voyage-178.html the new production currently touring the UK, is gathering excellent reviews from teachers – I quote

 “Not one pupil was without a smile on their face and the interaction encouraged the children to take part. The language they learnt was very topical to their studies and I am sure the memories of the show will stay with them forever.”

And “Fantastic Play and great acting! The students understood more than they thought and a lot of words are part of their curriculum in French. I am sure it will inspire a lot of students in French in the classroom and beyond!”

Inspiration - we all need it !

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